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The Sakakawea chapter proudly supports conservation education by sponsoring scholarships for young people to attend a variety of outdoor-related summer camps, including Fishing Camp, North Dakota Wildlife Federation Conservation Camp, and 4-H Outdoor Camp. The chapter encourages women to become more involved through its sponsorship of N.D. Game and Fish Department Becoming an Outdoors-Woman scholarships. 



*Mail: Box 278, Garrison, N.D. 58540
*President: Corey Bittner, Garrison, N.D., (701) 220-9617.  
*Habitat Co-chairs: Corey Bittner, Garrison, N.D., (701) 220-9617.  
                Rod Stockdill, Garrison, N.D., (701) 337-6252. 
*Treasurer:  Alicia Bittner, Garrison, N.D.  
*Secretary: Patricia Stockdill, Garrison, N.D. (701) 337-5462. 
*Youth Program Coordinator: Vacant but please contact the chapte if interested in working with area young people

Volunteers are the heart of our chapter. We''re expanding our youth programs and to launch our effort, we're looking for an interested volunteer to assist us. Please email or contact us about joining our efforts. 

Pheasants Forever is one of the leading conservation organizations involved with the Federal Farm Bill and its conservation programs, including the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). The Sakakawea Chapter supports this effort to keep grass on the prairie because it's more than wildlife that benefit - CRP helps reduce downstream flooding and soil erosion. Wetlands within CRP keep water supplies clean by filtering contaminants. CRP gives many agricultural producers more options for their operations. And wildlife thrives!

To learn more about Pheasants Forever and its role with the Federal Farm Bill, please visit their Web site, ( 



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